I'm a political scientist who specializes in the study of "political behavior" within the American context. Via population surveys and experiments, I study what people think about politics, government, and public policy, and why. This covers the fields of public opinion, political psychology, and political communication (because people are influenced by the media, and other people more generally).


I currently am engaged in two major projects: in the first, I seek to understand how Americans explain various types of inequalities. Do they think class, race, and gender inequality is caused by biology ("nature"), the environment ("nurture"), or choice ("free will")? And do these causal attributions for inequality influence their political attitudes? In the second, most recent, project, my collaborators and I seek to understand how science communicators can be more effective when they share their research findings and advice with policymakers. Click on the tab Grant Projects to learn more.   

People eagerly volunteering for my studies.


How Americans explain inequality 

The relationship between political opinion and causal attributions for class, race, gender, sexual orientation differences (real and perceived).

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

PhD Political Science (U.S. Politics; Theory; Methods)

BA Political Science & History, Distinction & High Honors



American University

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director

Government, School of Public Affairs

The politics of science

How to communicate science best to policymakers, and how (and why) science is politicized. When and why people are biased information consumers.

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