Podcast Appearances

Can He Do That?, from the Washington Post,  "Trump and science: An erosion of our institutions, in public and behind the scenes," October 28, 2020

The Science of Politics, from the Niskanen Center, "When Liberals and Conservatives Use Genetics to Explain Human Difference," June 6, 2018

Popular Writing
Selected Media Mentions

Science Magazine, "Want to get a politician to listen to science? Here's some advice," February 2019

Psychology Today, "Anger Exacerbates Political Bias," by Bobby Azarian, September 2018

New York Magazine, "The ‘Spiral of Silence’ Theory Explains Why People Don’t Speak Up on Things That Matter," by Olga Mecking/Science of Us, March 2017

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The New York Times, "The Eternal Return of Unenlightened Despotism," by Thomas B. Edsall, August 2016

Vox, "The rise of American authoritarianism" by Amanda Taub, March 2016

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